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Order Processing

This is a step by step of what to expect when making an order with us. Our  order processing is designed to make your experience predictable and relaxed. Sit back and know we’ve got you covered.

Printing Knowledge.

Before we start with the order processing, we recommend looking through our website. See our work, find out what types of printing we offer, and what garments we regularly print on. We will answer any questions you may have about our processes and will help you choose the right print method and apparel for your needs.

Artwork Preparation.

Follow our artwork specifications to prepare your design for optimum print quality. Manage the number of colors and locations to stay on budget.

Garment Selection.

We can get the majority of garments from both major and up and coming mills and we’d be happy to discuss your options. We can also recommend specific garments from brands we work with often.

Choose your quantity and size runs.

Figure out how many garments you will need, keep in mind that if the garment requires a ink colour change or is over 2XL in size charges will apply.

Request an estimate.

Either email us to discuss your order or submit your estimate request online for accurate pricing for your project. Once received, we will send an estimate via email for you to review. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you.

Upload your art.

Send us your art with the estimate request or contact our art department for details on how to submit your art.

Approve the estimate.

Once we have confirmed your print details, you will need to approve the final estimate. We will then email you an invoice and await payment before proceeding with mock-ups and ordering.

Approve the proof.

Next we prepare our proof of your design that specifies all print colors, dimensions and placement instructions. Once you have approved our proof the job is scheduled for production and garments are ordered.

Receipt of your order.

We print all average sized orders within a 10-14 day turnaround time. When your job is complete we will either phone or email you to arrange pick-up or ship your order per your instructions.